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SpecialistsGrid Tutor - remote tutoring service

Dear specialist,

we are glad you are interested to provide a remote training support service called SpecialistsGrid Tutor!

SpecialistsGrid Tutor is a professional online tutoring service under which you provide help to students running a self-paced training using an unique e-learning platform. No audio or video communication is required from you, only forum-like communication. All we need from you is to keep your student happy and answer every his/her question within 24 hours since the question was created. This is an SLA we need to fulfill.

Self-paced trainings usually last 5 or 10 days but your help as a Tutor will be required only in a limited time - usually up to 8 or 16 hours depending on amount which the student has ordered. In order you to deliver the support we will provide you a "Lecturer Kit" which consists of intructor materials and access to the virtual lab (except of some cases).

While doing the Tutor service please follow these simple rules:

  • Answer within agreed SLA time. In case you are not able to do that inform the student and make a mutual agreement.
  • In case you have any technical issue please contact us via SG Chat, our team will assist you.

Interested to become the tutor? The process is simple:

  1. You need to sign NDA with SpecialistsGrid. Please review the NDA template available at SpecialistsGrid Vendor Templates. Once ready to sign please contact us via SG Chat and our Vendor Management will assist you with signing the NDA via
  2. Apply for the training via SG Training Opportunities - Application Form where you describe your experience either with lecturing or hands-on experience with the required technology.
  3. Create a Full SpecialistsGrid Profile - in case you do not have a Full Profile yet simply create it via Manage Your Profiles page. Our clients will be able to find your profile online and request you to deliver the service.

Interested in the SpecialistsGrid Tutor service for you or your organization? Please raise a request via our Contact Us page. We will come back to you soon!

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