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ServiceNow consultant

Appointment Type:   Permanent Employment
SENIORITY:   Principal
Manday Rate:   €299
Salary:  Not Specified
Annual Salary:   €80,000
  Czech Republic


-10 years of experience in ITSM,ITAM,ITOM 

- SericeNow Process design and improvement implementation

- ITIL.V3 certified

- Certified ServiceNow system administrator

-  English , Czech ,Spanish


1) ServiceNow

As a Solutions Specialist I am leading and executing plans to deliver the best solutions for small enhancements requests, fixing issues, improve integrations and new projects on our ServiceNow platform. I also oversee and define best practices and measures that are aligned with Adecco group. I am responsible for both process and technical platform health.On process site I am defining the plans for process improvements and better globalization's and adoption of ServiceNow tool. In Prague as a member of new office I helped to rollout the KPI and SLA measures for the Local Service Desk. Globally I participated on roll out of new Service Portal, SCCM, Discovery, New service Catalog items, Upgrade, monitoring of the platform stability and health, monitoring of case-exchanges (integrations) and  I am responsible to align the business process with the technical implementations and workflows. That includes the design plan, interaction with the Stakeholders (Process owners) and applying of those requirements into the specific technical implementation on forms, workflows, notification (including the data management). I am working closely with developers and I test the implemented solutions before presenting it back to stakeholders.

The aim is to keep as close as OOB as possible, but it the same time use the automation capabilities ServiceNow has. As a solution specialist I am also responsible for these areas: Identify gaps, provide Hight quality support for internal customers, creating presentations and documentation, Leading and prioritization of the backlog, Identify the trends and OOB (licensed/not licensed) options to use new features. Also support collaborating environment and leading the development team.On technical site, as certified ServiceNow administrator, I am implementing some of the solutions, for example for UI Policy, System properties change, UI settings,new LDAP OU definitions, clone administration etc. on the automations and fixes and Projects implementations I cooperate with the Service providers.

2) IT Change management

I was leanding Change Control Global advisory meetings (CAB call) as an IT Change manager where I coordinated business stakeholders spread globally (US, Europe, India) to prevent any issues to the IT infrastructure production environment. The risk mitigation was done by planning the regular upgrades, health check, vulnerability scan checks, IPLs and any other changes based on customer requirements to the TEST, DEV, and PROD environment. I was in contact with storage and monitoring teams to track the increase of usage of servers and its influence on any PROD systems. I was also responsible to prevent any Network issues, I communicated with the vendor to align our activities we planned in the system with the Network changes. Within the Change control role, I served as Change approver for all changes.

3) Knowledge management/availability management

for the client and I was responsible for the transfer of the ITSM services (Change management and Problem management processes) from Frankfurt (Germany) to Brno (Czech Republic). I was responsible to align the Change management process with the ITIL using the LEAN principles.I  created the process documentation, SSOW, knowledge base, FAQ and I documented the error messages in the ITSM tool and how to fix them. I organized the education sessions for the service delivery teams including project managers, mainframe team to help them better understand the process and the change management process from the technical perspective on the BMC Remedy tool for the client.I served as a Consultant and mentor for the IT service delivery teams for the Change management and Problem management process.


4) Incident management

 I was in contact with Incident management team. I cooperated with Incident management team about the resolution of the outages. As Change manager working together with monitoring team I was able to prevent/ fix the issues without causing the Major incidents. While I worked in United states at IT department ( HQ) I helped to create the KPI metrics to measure the Incident management process effectiveness and show the alignment with SLA.

5) Problem management

For 5 years I was responsible for Problem management process. Where I investigated any potential reoccurring problems. I investigated the SEV 1, 2 incidents and its connection to any other activities in the system. I communicated problems with the client on weekly Problem management call. I performed root cause analysis and documented the work around which has been done to fix the issue and prevent the impact in future. I also documented and updated the Known errors documentation.

6) Asset management 

As Data quality analyst I was responsible for Server EMEA Data repository consistency of CIs. SESDR - CMS (content management system) and I used Hyperion tool (SQL). I was also responsible to the accuracy avoiding the duplicates and inaccurate data (reconciliation). HW tables such as Servers, Network devices, Accessories, DASD, Rack, Switches, routers, storages and SW: Applications, Instances.I Checked the consistency of CIs comparing different source tables such as IBM Tivoli (TCM scans) which reflected the actual input from the Network, SAP system (the financial status if the CI), Asset management SW orders and manual uploads to SESDR. Including all these types of virtual data in one CMDB enabled me to look and compare different views of the same CI.I  maintainined the model for the automated reports, dashboards and to maintain the documentation for the Subject matter expertise knowledge in SESDR technical setup. I was following yearly audit requirements to reach the required % of the correctness of the Data for each of the EMEA Nordic countries IBM customers for each component.

 I implemented a template for manual registering new SW/HW components into the SESDR. Which improved the efficiency of the handling the requests for registering new HW/SW components into the system. Template improved the communication with other departments and reduced the time and the cost. The template consisted of the Excel formulas, where mandatory fields had to be filled. This template then could be uploaded directly to CMDB to rewrite (update) the records or create new data.

7) Project management/ Business anlysis

My approach is to  value a vision driven techniques, where the implementation of the technical solutions into the SW tool and the collaboration and agility while following the plan lead to the successful implementation. In all my roles I used Scrum techniques to solve the issues or structure the implementation.I am familiar with bottom up technique and the value stream mapping to collect the requirements to be able to draft the improvement plan using MS Visio.

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