We are seeking Junior eDiscovery Consultants for permanent roles in Prague, Czech Republic.

Our customer is one of the global leading independent eDiscovery teams. Gain valuable experience in cutting edge eDiscovery technology and solutions as you help EU biggest organisations deal with the modern-day threats affecting their business.

Location: Czech Republic (projects in Czech Republic and across EU)

Contract type: Full time employment

Seniority: practitioner or junior specialists are welcome to apply. 

Salary: Very interesting offering + bonuses! Our customer is one of TOP employers in the Czech Republic/Europe and is willing to appreciate and support your potential and skills.


About eDiscovery

Electronic Discovery, commonly also known as eDiscovery is a technology that deals with collecting and processing data that are after Your responsibilities:that used in court disputes. The goal of eDiscovery is to discover all the evidence that is relevant for the trial.

In a current globalized business environment full of new technologies such as social media, remote working and cloud computing technologies will be for a Czech company with headquarters in a foreign country with different jurisdictions (e.g. the United States) very difficult to solve a legal dispute, that has its own roots back in the US. If relevant evidence is stored on a server located in the Czech Republic, they will be subject to EU regulations restricting the processing and transfer of such data to the US. This is a moment when good knowledge of the management of cross-border proofs becomes necessary, as is the close cooperation between the legal and IT teams in both countries.

eDiscovery in practice: eDiscovery tool can be used during internal corporate investigations or external investigations from the side of the regulator. eDiscovery is commonly used in areas such as USA, Great Britain, Australia or South Africa. However, in the jurisdictions of continental law, such as the Czech Republic, e-Discovery is not much commonly used.

The new crimes, such as Denial of Service (commonly known as a “DoS attack”), attacks on internet services and websites causing their malfunctioning, require new legal approaches. This topic concerns lawyers, prosecutors, forensic investigators, IT managers, police officers and courts.

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Your responsibilities:
  • You will join the team of experienced colleagues that are working on big projects. You will learn everything from them;
  • You will be entrusted with small projects that require great responsibility. Thanks to it, you can influence every single step of the project. You will also be able to provide projects;
  • You will try to manage your own projects, communicate with your clients or you design processes suited for individual projects;
  • You will increase your knowledge of law;
  • You will meet with configuration and installation of the HW, administration of the operation system and and mostly dealing with technical issues;
  • You will provide services for large clients both internally and externally;
  • You will work with lawyers, forensic investigators or internal audits and of course with IT clients;
  • You will be using modern analytical methods;
  • As we operate in many places in Europe, you will also work in an international environment;

Role specific requirements:

  • University degree or your graduation will come soon;
  • Proficiency performing forensic imaging, mobile device collections and basicforensic analysis using Encase, Nuix, Relativity, FTK, X-Ways, Cellebrite, etc.;
  • Must be flexible with travel requirements, based on client serviceprojects;
  • Very good analytical thinking, focus on detail;
  • Very good ability to suggest and generalize solution, ability to understand existing solution;
  • Fluent English.

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