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Enterprise Management and Monitoring Expert

Appointment Type:   Long-term Freelance Contract
Industries: Aerospace & Defence
SENIORITY:   Principal
Manday Rate:   €195
Salary:  Not Specified
Annual Salary:  Not Specified
  USA (United States of America)


If you are looking for the best enterprise management and monitoring consultant in the world, you’ve found him. When it comes to HP/OpenView (a.k.a., BSM), BMC Patrol/ProactiveNet/BPPM, IBM Tivoli/Netcool, EMC SMARTS, CiscoWorks, SCOM, etc. I have no equal, when it comes down to expertise and clientele. Your investment in my services will have an immediate positive impact on the bottom line and ROI, as I can accomplish twice as much in half the time as anyone else. In short, I eliminate chaos.


  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Netezza TwinFin Database Appliance
  • Major Clients and Solutions Architected/Implemented:
  • Exelon: June 2015 – Present; HP Enterprise Management Tools Specialist
  • HP OMi v.10.x
  • HP BSM v.9.26
  • HP OMW v.9
  • HP SiteScope v.11.3x
  • HP APM v.9.26 (BPM, Diagnostics and RUM)
  • HP SHR v.9.41
  • GE/Synchrony Financial: January 2015 – Present; HP Tools Infrastructure Lead
  • HP BSM v.9.26
  • HP APM v.9.26 (BPM, Diagnostics and RUM)
  • HP Operations Analytics v.10.x
  • HP Operations Bridge (a.k.a., OMi) v.10.x
  • HP OMW/OMU v.9.x
  • HP NMC (NNMi/NA/PerfSPI) v.10.x
  • HP SiteScope v.11.3x
  • HP BPM 9.26
  • HP VuGen/TruClient 12.50
  • HP SHR v.9.x
  • Splunk
  • TelAlert
  • ServiceNow Ticketing System
  • HP Enterprise Services (Consultant): January 2015 – Present; HP BSM SME for HP Enterprise Services, HP Helion Cloud for Private and Public Sector Clients
  • Agile Training ~ SCRUM ~ Two-Week Sprint Methodology
  • HP Agile Manager v.2.32, Build 504
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) v.12.01.2 (Patch1)
  • HP BSM v.9.25
  • HP OMi v.10.x
  • HP OMW v.9.x
  • HP SiteScope v.11.3x
  • IT Business Analytics (ITBA) v.10
  • IBM/Tivoli/Netcool v7.4x
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) v.7.1.1: Integrations with Prominent Ticketing Systems: ServiceNow, Maximo, Service Manager, Remedy, IBM Integrated Service Manager (ISM), etc.
  • HP Operations Manager v.8.x and 9.1x
  • Microsoft SCOM 2012 R2
  • TelAlert Advanced MIR3 Unified Notifications System v.5.1x and 6e v.6.3
  • HP Service Health Reporter (SHR) v.9.2 and v.9.3
  • HP Business Service Management (BSM) v.9.23
  • HP Service Health Reporter (SHR) v.9.2 and v.9.3
  • HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) v.9.22
  • HP NNMi iSPI for Performance (NPS) v.9.1
  • HP Network Automation (HPNA) v.9.21
  • Microsoft SCOM 2012 R2
  • HP Operations Manager on Windows (OMW) v.9
  • HP Operations Manager on Linux (OML) v.9.1
  • HP SiteScope (SiS) v.11.2
  • HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) v.9.2i
  • HP Business Service Management (BSM) and BPM v.9.21
  • HP Quality Center v.9 ~ Extensive Development and QA Testing
  • HP Universal CMDB (uCMDB) v.9.05 ~ Over Three Million Configuration Items (CIs)
  • HP Operations Manager Agent (OMA) v.11.10
  • HP Discovery & Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMa/DDMi) v.9.32
  • EMC SMARTS v.8.x/v.9.x
  • BMC Patrol/ProactiveNet v.3.6/v.3.7 and v.9.x
  • Qwest Big Brother v.5.01
  • ITIL v.3 Certification Training
  • Tripwire Enterprise v.7.x
  • HP Operations Manager on Windows (OMW) v.9
  • HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) v.9.2i
  • HP Business Service Management (BSM) v.9.23
  • HP Service Health Analyzer (SHA) v.9.2
  • HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) v.7.1
  • HP Application Performance Management (APM) 360 v.9.21
  • HP Operations Manager Agent (OMA) v.11.11
  • HP Operations Orchestration (OO) v.9.06
  • HP Universal CMDB (uCMDB) v.10.01
  • HP uCMDB Browser v.2.x
  • HP Discovery & Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMa/DDMi) v.9.32
  • Honeywell International: July 2010 – December 2012; Implementation and integration of:
  • HP Business Service Management (BSM) v.9.21
  • HP Operations Manager OMW v.9/OML v.9.1
  • HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) v.9.2
  • HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) v.7.1
  • HP Performance Manager (OVPM) v.9.02
  • HP Operations Manager Agent (OMA) v.11.10
  • Service Health Reporter (SHR) v.9.2
  • HP SiteScope (SiS) v.11.20
  • Microsoft SCOM 2012
  • SNMP v1/2c/3
  • HP/OpenView Operations Manager: v.8.16 and upgraded to v.9.x
  • HP/OpenView Network Node Manager: v.8i and upgraded to v.9i
  • HP/OpenView Performance Manager: v.8 and upgraded to v.8.20
  • HP/OpenView Performance Insight: v.5.5
  • HP/OpenView Performance Agent Technology (Linux/Windows) v.5.x
  • HP/OpenView Reporter v.3.80
  • Nagios v.3.2.3 Integration Points with HP/OpenView
  • CheckPoint Firewall and VPN (N-Class) Management and Monitoring
  • RadWare SSL Accelerators and Load Balancer Management and Monitoring
  • VMware vCenter: v.3.x and upgraded to v.4.x
  • EMC SAN: Clariions and Navisphere Management and Monitoring
  • Dell SAN: Modular Power Vault Management and Monitoring
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008: Management and Monitoring
  • Symantec BackupExec: Upgrade from v.10.x to 2010 R2, including three-COLO Disaster Recovery Architecture
  • Microsoft Exchange: Administration and Technical Lead on Exchange 2003-2010 Migration
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Server v.4.x/v.5.x migration to CentOS ~ overall Systems Administration
  • Windows: Server 2003 (x86/x64) migration to Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit and Active Directory/DNS Management

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