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CAPACITY:   3-5 Specialists


I am working in Information Technology since 2005 both on the IT Services provider side and also on the customer side.

       My first experience in IT was in a Romanian company affiliate of Verisign, world’s most trusted Certification Authority. There I’ve managed to learn the basics about an enterprise level network and also about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), not so known in Romania at that time. Being in charge with the whole infrastructure and also security I was able to learn a lot of  products from both perspective, an IT administrator and also a security specialist.

       After building the basic knowledge about an enterprise network with firewalls, routers, Active Directory, email gateways, monitoring tools, PKI, in 2008 I had the opportunity to make a great step in my IT career and took the job of IT Infrastructure and Security Manager in an Romanian insurance company. I can say that in this company I took my IT knowledge to a next level. A lot of projects I have done there helped me to have a better view about a big company infrastructure and how to integrate different products with that.

        I have started with infrastructure projects (virtualization of the physical servers using VMWARE platform) and ended with networking and security projects (Checkpoint firewall, McAfee Webgateway and Data Loss Prevention implementations). All these projects surely boosted my knowledge and my level of understanding the whole company workflows allowing me to better interact with the business people.

        After being a customer for a couple of IT Security products, in 2013 I have decided to make another big step in my career and moved back on the IT Service provider side. With all my knowledge and level of understanding a business workflow it is very easy to integrate any IT Security product in a company and make it work as expected.

         Starting with 2018 I decided to work more in Middle East where I was supervising multiple Security Operation Centers (SOC) for big customers in Saudi Arabia. This is a challenging position as I am handling multiple teams and multiple SIEM technologies and have to advise in different integrations with multiple security vendors.

I am also working as an external security consultant for McAfee Professional Services Dubai since 2017. Al the projects coming from McAfee helped me boost my McAfee portfolio skills and made me an expert in McAfee solutions.


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