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Senior Management Consultant - Lecturer

Appointment Type:   Short-term Freelance Contract, Long-term Freelance Contract
SENIORITY:   Principal
Manday Rate:   €1,300
Salary:  Not Specified
Annual Salary:   €150,000


I teach 50-60% at the IFA, The Higher Professional School of the Digital Economy. I teach in the fields of economics, business informatics and computer science.

The following courses are conducted by me:

ICT Management

ICT Strategy

ICT service management

Supply Chain Management

System Engineering

IT Quality Management

Service Management (ITIL)

Develop IT service levels

SLA agree in the ICT

Organize the service desk

Basic principles of service management

Enterprise Architecture

Project Management and Procurement

Project Management

Change Management (ITIL)

Problem Management (ITIL)

Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio

Presentation techniques 

In addition, I carried out projects in IT.

IT security certification according to ISO 27001.

For a customer, I led the preparation of the ISO27001 certification.

The following tasks were carried out by the team under my direction:

• Defining and defining standards for ISO27001 (IT Security) certification

• Development of the complete documentation of all affected processes for ISO27001 certification

               o Capacity Planning o Business impact analysis

               o Setting the information security policy

               o Defining the tasks and responsibilities

               o acceptance reports

               o Capacity Management

               o Defining and coordinating the project size

               o Defining and coordinating the project management processes

               o information security requirements

               o Defining Business Continuity Management

               o Defining the leadership processes

               o Defining the emergency planning

               o Creation of assets overview

               o Creation of the risk catalog

               o Creation of the hazard catalog

• Complete documentation for ISO27001 certification


Harmonization and consolidation of existing business processes Reorganization and extension of the service desk with the tool Omnitracker (ITIL)

For a customer I had the order to reorganize the service desk. 

This included the following activities:

• Actual recording of existing processes and processes

• Extension / change of processes according to ITIL

• Implementation of these processes in the Omnitracker

• Introduction of the extended and new processes

• Preparation of training materials

• Conduct training


Introduction Incident Management according to ITIL

This included the following activities:

• Actual recording of existing processes and processes

• Consolidation of existing and new processes according to ITIL

• Define and set the metrics

• Connection to the event management

• Implementation of these processes in Omnitracker

• Training of management and employees


Introduction problem management according to ITIL

This included the following activities:

• Actual recording of existing processes and processes

• Consolidation of existing, extended and new processes according to ITIL

• Defining the priorities

• Implementation of these processes in Omnitracker

• Training of management and employees

Successful IT, ERP, service management and project management has become one of the most important success factors of every company today. I have the strong ability to develop and further develop processes, have technical know-how on the most diverse IT architectures, as well as a very large and broad know-how on the most diverse IT infrastructures, in-depth knowledge as a Business IT Consultant, program and project manager, service Manager, international management functions as line manager as well as in-depth knowledge as consultant IT service management according to ITIL as well as consultant project management according to RUP, SDLC, IPMA and Hermes.
In the past, I was allowed to advise many customers (internally and externally) and actively support their implementation. In accordance with this basic attitude, I see myself as a diplomatically oriented and experienced project management and expert personality who thinks and acts in a business-oriented manner and pursues a clear hands-on approach.
In the course of my career, I was able to acquire a high level of social competence and am with people at every level and in different hierarchies. So I also speak "many languages" of a company.
• 36 years of IT experience in a wide range of industries and functions
• 19 years project management experience (International)
• 10 years experience as Service Manager and Consultant IT Service Management
• 10 years experience as Line Manager
• 5 years experience in in- and outsourcing as well as enterprise application integration
• 5 years experience as a course and seminar leader
• Linking strong technical understanding and business relevant factors
• High social competence as well as integrity and self-motivation
• Strong analytical, conceptual, structured, methodological and didactic skills
• Experience in leadership as line manager
• Results-oriented leadership behavior with high motivation and persistence
• A goal- and solution-oriented team player with high communication skills, appreciation and assertiveness

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