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All-around JavaScript Expert

Appointment Type:   Short-term Freelance Contract, Long-term Freelance Contract
Industries: Accounting Banking Business Supplies and Equipment Communication Computer & Network Security Computer Consulting Computer Services Computer Software Consumer Services Design/Build Graphic Design Hospitality Internet
SENIORITY:   Principal
Manday Rate:   €520
Salary:  Not Specified
Annual Salary:   €100,000


I'm a seasoned professional with over 17 years of professional experience. I've worked on may versatile projects in the sphere of web and mobile, as well as in many different environments - from garage startups to solid enterprise environments with hundreds of developers.

In the last years I've been working as a full-stack JavaScript developer, in which period I've mastered many of the popular front-end frameworks, including, but not limited to: Angular 1.x, Angular 2-5 and naturally React (Redux, as well as other Flux patterns). As far as Node goes, Express.js has been the core technology that I've been working with mostly. I'm using many tools and while most are worth listing, I'll try to keep the list short: karma, mocha, jasmine, webpack, grunt, gulp, typescript, babel, etc. I'm very ES6 oriented and would say that I prefer TypeScript over native.

I'm looking for contracting opportunities all around the World, I'm very flexible in all aspects of life and work, as I try to be focused on the goels of the projects I'm joining, rather the selected path to accomplish them - technology stack, team, management, these're all factors, which may define the workflow of a project and I'm always looking to adapt to the environment, rather than try to disrupt and change it, unless it's sort of a requirement :)

I'm always open to chat and discussions regarding your projects and how I may fit into them.

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