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Seeking permanent employment
Industries: Computer & Network SecuritySecurity and Investigations
Annual salary
€ 70,000 - € 80,000


Technology enthusiast with current focus on computer security and incident response. My first job was at a small local computer store. I decided to drop out of the school and needed some money. Went there, asked if they can call me the owner and ask for a job. At first I was just building new machines from computer parts, but later on they noticed that I can handle also customers. So this was my first promotion and I became a customer support doing also offsite repairs of everything that you usually connect to a computer or a network.

I still wanted to study about computers so I decided to give it a try and passed entry exams of VUT FIT in Brno, Czech rep.. Even though my passing score was higher than 90% I was told that there is no space left, but they will be happy to have me on VUT FAST. Civil Engineering has not much in common with computers, but there was an option to change the faculty later on.

I managed to finish 3 years of civil engineering and dropped in the 4th year, because I was not able to convince my self to learn about strenght of materials and concrete. So the need to find a job arised again. I was lucky and the second interview turned into full time job.

AVG Technology (Grisoft at that time) was my first encounter with a corporation. I had a chance to see the company grow and enter the stock market. First I  started as a technical support specialist, supporting customers around the World via email, phone or remote connections. We were also tasked with other duties that were later on moved to a newly formed QA.

My managers noticed that I am patient troubleshooter and offered me to join the Virus Lab team. At that time they were missing someone who will be specialized on scripts. Nobody wanted to do it since it was such a pain to read. Together with a guy that was developing script emulator, we found effective way how to group large sets of scripts and how to write more broad signatures. If you were using AVG somewhere in between 2009-2012 and been browsing a lot, there is a chance you saw my work.

Our first child was born in 2012 and I was in a need to find more resources to support my new family. For AVG it was a time when every expanse was considered. When the offer to join First Data came it was like 4 times more than AVG was able to give.

At First Data, I was hired to do administration of a tool called MIR (Mandiant). They become famous of their PR about APT1. The product was not so great, however I learned how to use it. The next solution replacing this was Carbon Black. I was no longer doing the administration part and being focused only on writing new signatures and investigations. I also became familiar with forensic tools like FTK and EnCase.

Now I am doing the same tasks with Tanium, building tools (python) using its API for our SOC analysts.  I also get a chance to participate on pentests of ATMs, but this is not my daily bread, which is more about solving escalations from our SOC team. 

Long story short my current focus is 

- Static and dynamic malware analysis
- Windows disk and memory forensics
- network traffic analysis, and log analysis


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